Healthy cake, brownies, fudge, raw dehydrated muffins all made without refined sugar, dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, artificial colorants or products of any kind! Foods that are safe for many diets and allergy concerns that look and taste good! Cakes come in 6″ or 8″ sizes. Use the form below to start your order. (see photos below!)

Keto products upon request. 

Raw Artisan Peruvian Cacao chocolate bars with all kinds of great ingredients including premium Full Spectrum Medicinal Mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane (Cognitive), Reishi (Nature’s Xanax), Cordyceps Militaris (Energy, Immune), Turkey Tail (Cancer prevention, life extension), Mesima, (anti-tumor, immunomodulatory), 14 blend for the All in type! 


Chaga Chai varieties all fresh ground spices, full spectrum medicinal mushroom blends that you can turn into an instant cup of magical moments! 

Love Your Sunrise! 

Chaga Chai with fresh ground organic Black Assam 


Chaga Chai without caffeine and with a soothing adrenal blend of additional Ashwagandha and Red Reishi 

Hazelnut Mocha Cream Cake

Homemade hazelnut milk from organic raw hazelnuts, hazelnut infused crust that tastes so good, full of vitamins, minerals, and very filling, topped with four layers, two each of Hazelnut Cream and Mocha Cream (also infused with caff or decaf espresso) topped with chocolate swirls, roasted hazelnuts, truffles, and mocha cream dark chocolate hand-dipped hearts.

The Royal Pecan

Boasting dark handmade truffles inside, real homemade pecan butter, and delicious from the first bite, as well as healthy enough to be a meal replacement. Save it for yourself by slicing and freezing, then pull it out when you “need” that glorious feeling.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Fudgy, creamy, freshly squeezed oranges, and turmeric for the color of this cake which is “anti-inflammatory”!



Artisan Cakes from Naturally with Karen are made to meet special dietary requirements for those with diabetes, allergies, or those on keto, raw, or vegan diets. They are also made without any red, blue, or yellow food dyes, so Mom can feel good about serving them at their children’s birthday parties!

Cakes are made from most often organic, clean-sourced ingredients like buckwheat groats, flaxseed, psyllium, real fruit, brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, and more!

Some sweeteners used in these cakes are dates, dried fruit, pure maple syrup, monk fruit extract, erythritol, date sugar, raw agave nectar, stevia, raw honey, coconut palm sugar, and lucuma powder. None of my dried fruits contain sulfites, refined sugar, eggs, dairy, wheat, or soy.


All cakes are for local Duluth and the surrounding area as they need to be refrigerated. Cakes can be picked up frozen (undecorated) or, decorated cakes can be picked up refrigerated and can travel 30-40 minutes. They must go back in the refrigerator. You can slice them and keep the slices frozen for several months in freezer bags or containers and enjoy a slice when you like.


Bring more healthy treats to the table with my healthy fudge, truffles, and muffins!

Fudge comes in peanut butter style cups or squares for $25 per pan (7×7) or in cups.
Flavors include: White Chocolate Fudge with Raspberries or Almond Choco Fudge.

Amplify your health with not-so-much caffeine truffles for kids, like our Seed Truffles which include healthy flax, chocolate (cacao), and are loaded with nutrition.
Our Dark Chocolate Truffles are magnesium-rich making them medicine for your nervous system. They include cacao, cacao butter, and are raw uncooked beautiful standard truffles.

My brain health truffles are Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed
Butter Lion’s Mane Mushroom Truffles (Medicinal).


Raw (dehydrated) Fruit Muffins (variety of flavors)
Jam made with chia seeds or psyllium husk (benefits Crohn’s Disease)

Vegan Bread

Fresh Plant-based Cheese coming soon!
Superpower Activated Irish Sea Moss Gel (ask me!)