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Detox & heal your thyroid

The majority of us have a thyroid imbalance. It is connected to our metabolism issues, diet, habits, and the need for key elements.

Human Hair Testing

Powerful insights about your hormones, thyroid, blood sugar, adrenals, and infection protection.

Canine Hair Testing

Uncover your pet's health story with canine hair tissue testing.

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Sun forest Foods

Plant cakes, Raw Brownies, and Magical Fudge with Reishi! Fractal Foods, Chaga Chai teas sourced from the finest ingredients.

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If you are turned off by the vaccines, chemical treatments, and drugs given to dogs today, my consults are for you.

Heart of the Matter

We are from many generations, strong people! 
Our deficiencies and imbalances can be helped. 

You know that we must identify the many root causes that underlie physical,
emotional, mental, and spiritual lack of ease: 
that’s what I do. 

I will help you to identify and understand what you can do to feel better, as quickly as possible:
to regenerate energy and vitality!  
You will have a patient report showing you, 
your own unique biochemistry, 
and, how to balance it. 


Begin by ordering your HTMA & Consult. 

Next, complete the Wellness Form. 

Once we have the Patient Report which arrives via email,
 we will have an awesome tool in hand!

Finally, schedule your consulation time to gain a full
understanding of your HTMA results 


 Painless and affordable. 

More relevant insights and clarity than serum blood testing!  Toxic and heavy metals are a concern today.  This test will provide us with clarity about your macro minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium as well as trace elements, ratios, health trends and foods to eat and foods to avoid.  The lab will provide you with a detailed list of the necesscary orthomolecular supplementation.
Your consult can be video, telephone or in-person.  I promise to help you make this very easy and understandable. 

I am here to help you!

After just three sessions, two supplements (plus seaweed), and minor dietary changes, I went from being suicidal to filming YouTube videos about barefoot running, which took off so fast that I was able to turn my channel from a hobby into my dream job.

andrew folts

I am not a doctor...

I am here for you!

The first thing we want to do is understand where our
attention needs to be. 

Tissue testing is going to show us! 

It is always a good idea to have the HTMA patient report and a completed Wellness Form. 

With as much detail as you feel comfortable as it will
provide me with clarity about you. It also saves time and expense for me to have a good idea that I review before our time together on my time. 

First, order your HTMA & Consult(results can take several weeks)

Next, complete the Wellness Form.  Some people want to begin with time together immediately and others choose to wait for the patient report. 

I have many ways to support and nourish you on your journey and have helped many people with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, occasionally, vocational, throughout 38 years now in 2022. 

I began as a girl with my maternal grandmother learning many ways of the ancients and I never stopped learning, seeking, researching, and helping people, and, dogs! 

Tending to neurological, mood disorders, thyroid, food
allergies, energy disturbances, infertility, PCOS/PCOD, hair loss, weight issues, raising intelligence, immunity, and a lot more!

I have so much to offer you with food as medicine, as an
herbalist, yoga teacher trained, I did massage for 18 years which teaches you quite a lot about people, the body, and, moving energy, using the hands for powerful healing. I am a Mother who ‘lost’ her child at the age of 24 and I saw
firsthand the ravages of intense addiction and then healing myself yet again.

The Shaman senses The Field and can gather a lot of information through the development of the senses. I bring a beautiful full plate of medicine for you, and, I look forward to helping you. 

Shaman Answers

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Mama Z Shaman
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What Clients Say

Very best opinions

"When I first met Shaman, my health was a train wreck, and worst part made no sense. After I received my HTMA results... I thought, "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!!!" I got so excited because, after decades of clean bloodwork and doctors telling me I was "fine" I finally had evidence that there were, in fact, multiple nutitional imbalances wreaking havoc on my life."
Andrew Folts
"At 55 years of age, my body felt like I was 85. I struggled for years with my weight, and with doctors that refused to get to the root of my health concerns. My thyroid wasn't functioning properly, yet because I was in the "normal range" after every test, my physicians refused to see a problem... Karen has helped me understand the correlation between my diet and how my body was functioning. Her advice and understanding are invaluable.
P. Angelis
"Shaman is an incredible gift. She is humble and pragmatic, yet powerful and assertive when she arms her clients with the truth. I "lived well" with Lupus through various prescribed medications for 25 years... when chronic pain and immunologoical compromise become my normal. Though our work together has been by phone, the consistent hand holding and laser focused attention to detailed balance of my body/mind/spirit helped me bounce back within 3 months and get of 3 of 5 drugs."
Ernesta Hernandez

Curative mushrooms

j. Crows Iodine

Mighty fix


It's time to live and feel your best. Let me help guide you.

In memory of Zahwa