Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 2 and 30 Minute Consultation


This is a Multi-Element Assay (36 Elements) of Hair.

The Profile #2 also has Health Trends, Foods to Eat/Avoid, Your own Metabolic Type and much more!

You can also order the Profile #3 as a retest which will show before and current data but without health trends.

Any questions, just contact me through the website.

*Orders from The State of New York will not be accepted and will be issued a refund

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Hair Tissue Test and 30 minute (video) Consult

Note: We cannot ship your order to New York

Gain the insight and clarity you need now!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will provide you with clarity and understanding relative to your own unique individual biochemistry. We will cover thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar, and much more!

The report has graphs that clearly show you where the levels are for your macro elements, nutritional trace elements, heavy and toxic elements so we know what to do!


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