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You can learn about and grow your own medicinal mushrooms through Curative Mushrooms, also learn more about mushrooms for therapeutic use: Happy Mushrooms for Sad People! I regularly use Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Mesima, and Cordyceps, and I also grow fungi! 
Oliver at Curative Mushrooms provides you with grow kits, insights, videos, and lots of good information. Once you order you are also part of a private Facebook group. 
Who knows, you may even end up with a microscope and begin mushroom farming to help with food shortages at this time, and, upgrade your health and nutrition. Many people who get started with Oliver’s kits, spawn boxes, spore syringes, and grow bags grow into mushroom farmers and provide local restaurants with beautiful healthy edible mushrooms. 
In coming years, Psilocybin, or, “Magic Mushrooms,” will be depending upon your locale, either decriminalized and/or legal as medicine for you, for depression, anxiety, PTSD and C-PTSD, for healing in general, similar to but different than how we have with cannabis today – I strongly support this movement and have personal experience using mushrooms for healing in 1992-1993 with Terrence McKenna at his last rave, as well as MDMA at one time in the same time frame for therapeutic purposed related to trauma.

Eidon Minerals has the most amazing ionic minerals in liquid form that I have used and recommended for a very long time! These minerals are top quality and, they are additionally run under 528 Hz, a frequency vibration that I guarantee you will feel! 
Please also check out their detox kit. 
I often refer people to their copper, zinc, and chromium, but also with canine work I do as well as Eidon Minerals provides a way to get these necessary elements into our canine companions into their water, snacks, and food, 
This company is located in San Diego, California and I have great trust and have a solid history with Eidon Minerals. 

Eidon has medicinal mushrooms, chocolate bars, books everyone should read, and the best ever customer service, click image to shop!

The B Complex is another great product: 

Scientifically verified high-level compounds in capsules, and, in powder form which I love to use personally for myself in the form of Cordyceps lattes, smoothies, Five Defenders chocolate, Reishi for anxiety in my Chaga Chai tea, and Lion’s Mane to keep my brain at tip-top, all of these contain beta-glucans which are clinically proven to help us prevent cancer, heal and recover with a longer life! 
My personal favorite use of Cordyceps Militaris powder which comes in a resealable bag is to use my large travel mug and heat up water very hot in my electric water kettle, add 1 tsp of Real Mushrooms Cordyceps Militaris powder, then I add 1tsp of raw honey or, pure maple syrup, stir, fill the rest of my mug with homemade nut milk: my favorite is raw hazelnut! It makes the best ever and super quick energy booster without caffeine, and you can also similarly make a smoothie with frozen bananas, milk, and powder with 3-4 pitted dates – yum! 

When you use Cordyceps Militaris, you gain energy, improved immune function, and feel great! 

Use my link to save 10%!

J Crow’s Iodine is a fabulous helper and powerful element for aiding in goiter, restoring iodine levels, healing and many know of the great power of iodine which I have written about in my books and talk about in our consults! 

Mighty Nest, you will gain a special surprise far below retail cost in your mailbox once per month and, become more sustainable with unique containers, implements, cups, kitchen aids, cleaning supplies, and more! I love Mighty Fix, Mighty Nest!

Harvest Right, is a sane option in the insane coming food shortages, especially for those who grow their own, make super healthy canine food, camping or cabin supplies, and want freeze-dried forever fresh food to enjoy and protect their family!