What is a Shaman?

Each Shaman is unique although there is a central thread that runs within us all: Respect for all, for nature, and, for The Ancestors.

I have walked a long journey through many lives and I see through the “Maya.” The illusion.

What is today in our modern world called a “Medium” is what has been done by Shamans for all of time? Hearing The Ancestors, presenting our people with clarifying insights into communications that are facilitated through symbols, omens, accidents, as well as synchronicities.

Energy is the electricity of the human body. Without sufficient energy, people can’t express their feelings. Often, they are not even aware of what their feelings really are.
Without sufficient energy, dreams remain dreams.
It is the high-energy people who blurt out what they think and feel. It is the low-energy people who keep things to themselves.
High energy people are assertive, low energy people are defensive.
High energy people accomplish things, low energy people just talk about them.
A decline in energy reduces our ability to express ourselves. It reduces our ability and willingness to accept new ideas and try new things.
What is called the “conservatism” of old age is often just the inevitable consequence of a lack of energy.”

Dr. Paul Eck