I have a need to create a Center of my own; one that can be replicated and made better which provides something different for our people. 

Many people need a “controlled environment.” One that is peaceful, provides the food, and can afford a hands-on experience where the continued assessment necessary is a reality. 

One where a full assessment can lead to stabilization, detoxification, the introduction of successful habits, and finally, healing. 

I have endeavored to learn many forms of medicine, food preparation that is amazing, and have become an experienced HTMAP. I understand what is happening and continue to study and hold hope for this center. 

Quite often clients had a hard time staying on track with their food, habits and keeping their stress down at home they wished that I could come to their home or they had somewhere to go.

I promised them that one day this would happen!

The keys are:






When you remove symptom by symptom until one no longer identifies with the diagnosis they once had, this is reversing disease – it is healing. 

This is passion in motion utilizing crucial keys to unlock dis-ease. I have an order of operations I have come to know through decades of this work. It must combine the Mind-Body Medicine, the word sound is a part of it. 

A “controlled environment” means one that is calm, and carefully structured to promote a sense of peace and balance.

I have outstanding food preparation skills with raw, vegan, Ital, and other types of food as medicine that we need for clarifying stages as well as healing stages. I am not insisting all people have to be “vegan,” but instead suggesting that during a time we are actively healing that we provide maximum energy to the body not complicating digestion in an organism that is already impacted.


It would be ideal for us to have a Western Medical Doctor in the US who could oversee and help manage a medical transition from drugs “medications,” for several reasons, but largely, for liability purposes.

I have worked with allergies, addiction, asthma, expressions of ASD, ADHD, Addison’s Behavioral issues including ODD, Diabetes, Hypo and Hyperthyroidism, nodules, cysts, tumors, fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Depression, Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s Disease and people who asked me to please help them with spirit possession, that most often turned out to be mental in origin and was relieved.

I have healed myself throughout my life. 

I am concerned about Momma & baby. It is crucial to “optimize” our womb, ideally, before we conceive; to help our little ones as soon as possible! Children could be helped before major problems arise. Many mothers are unaware that the HTMA is a powerful tool to identify any issues which need to be corrected and balanced.

The Center is like a flower within my Mind – it has a place living inside of me that I visit every day. How it looks when you walk in, how you feel when you are greeted for the first time, how we intake our people, and how we begin so that we truly help them. I want The Center to be a reality; one that we can trust.

I don’t know about you but I sure hope for something other than the dominant experience of medicine today for myself when I may need it? Don’t you?

Is it as offputting to you as it is to me to think about the cot, the drugs, the poking, and prodding? The terrible food and the wanting to get home so you can finally rest?

I vision that this Center not only provides a place for many of our people to come but also to learn and then it creates opportunity in that our people may be trained and expand into their own version of what they envision, some of them better than my own.

A new day will come and others will be able to open their own Centers which will expand our potential.

I know that having Centers that heal the whole person which means necessarily, physical, mental, spiritual, is calling us now!

I need help to make the Center a reality. Donations, Angel Investors?

Your donation is crucial and a gift from the heart.

I thank you from my heart to yours!