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For most of my life, I ate healthy, exercised, and spent lots of time in nature—but at the age of twenty, I started to go bald.

From there, my symptoms devolved into allergies, depression, anxiety, social isolation, difficulty focusing, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and finally whole-body joint pain.

Every blood test I got came back clean, every medication I took caused worse problems than it solved, and after ten years of doctors telling me I was “fine,” I felt like I was trapped inside an automated answering machine.

“Please hold. Your health is very important to us.”

In one hour, Shaman (Karen) deduced that I was struggling with a thyroid issue, as well as nutritional imbalances, and recommended getting an HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).

I was skeptical, but when the results came back, I saw what bloodwork never showed me.

After just three sessions, two supplements (plus seaweed), and minor dietary changes, I went from being suicidal to filming YouTube videos about barefoot running, which took off so fast that I was able to turn my channel from a hobby into my dream job.

Through this all, Shaman was there for me with love, deep knowledge, and no-BS guidance.

She’s the type of person who will show up to a half-hour session having done an hour of research. Check on you when you go dark. Give you scientific insights, then turn around and interpret your artwork.

Shaman is truly the needle in an eight-billion-person haystack.

  • Andrew Folts

Ancestral medicine is crucial:
More of us are understanding what we ‘carry’ forward from many generations- more than genes! Our disorders, deficiencies, and imbalances require some introspection about how and why they have shown up.

Another layer of self-knowledge is “HTMA,”
learning your own unique biochemistry and how to balance it.
Within these macro, trace, and toxic elements we find why we are expressing what we are!

And, they are not just hapless elements, they are the “spark plugs” of your body. Your behaviors, accidents, addiction, loops, patterns, and more are balanced through this amazing tool.

What I offer…

is very different from anything you may have ever experienced – part of it is ancient and part of what I offer you is also modern, contemporary, it is powerful to learn about your unique biochemistry.

Hundreds of my clients gave up waiting for “clinical findings,” or, just accepting another pill, often, an anti-depressant.

There is a difference between checking and treating, and assessing and healing. Here we do not make war with our body, it’s not about conquering our own body, nor radically damaging it to “kill” the offender! I do not use war language when it comes to healing! Your own powerful Journey is one where we are seeking peace with the body, mind, and spirit.

I am not a doctor, I am an Elder Shaman & Medicine Woman.
What I offer you as an entire package is for the whole.
I have been gathering, learning, studying, researching, and working with clients for 37 years.

In order to produce the intended change, or bring balance there must be intuitive, deeply perceptive love and care. I observe, listen and note your Mind-Body Medicine insights. Together we up-level your habits, nutrition, as well as help you to work with balancing your individual biochemistry through hair tissue testing. Most importantly, I walk you step by step so you can expand and self-actualize.

The serum blood testing most are familiar with today does not provide, nor exclusively provide what can be found in the tissues.

Your issues are often in your tissues!

What I can bring to the table for you: an earned expertise in detoxification, reversing disease, and healing. I work with physical, mental, and spiritual issues as we are not just one, we are all three!

I have a wide range of experience from the simple to the very complex, including allergies, asthma, autoimmune of all types, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, GERD, heart problems including atrial fibrillation, infertility, PCOS, and more. I love to optimize mother and baby pre-conception.

My book Detox & Heal Your Thyroid stems from experiences including Goiter, Thyroid inflammation/Thyroiditis, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, nodules are so frequent today it’s why over 130 million people swallow synthetic thyroid hormones but they were never warned when the original symptoms were present, they waited until they were “out of range,” or, for their doctor to singularly check their “TSH?”

This brought on more systemic issues.

I am not a health coach, and I am not a doctor.

I provide a service that is very rare today.

My Mission is to empower you in many ways, not, just hand you a pill.

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