A Shaman is a Guide

Shamans are Guides with a strong internal “GPS,” also known as a guidance and protection system.

As sensory beings, we have inner knowing or “intelligence.” Ultimately, at maturity, we are self-informing. We all possess and can develop trust in our own guidance built by our daily habits. Although we live in a world filled with “smart” devices which inform us, tell a vision (TV), “news,” these create dependency which is not the same experience as becoming “tuned.”

I will guide you so that you can develop your own strong GPS!

Developing yourself or, self-actualization is a compliment to your life.

These are not “gifts,” which is erroneous thinking and creates a false sense of entitlement.

Language is important: Word Sound is Crucial. For example, I am not a “girl” I am a woman.

Women can be powerful, as well as kind and loving. As we mature, all of our experiences, training, books, courses, colleges, universities, we find what we will keep as sacred, and then, this information and experience eventually become our wisdom.

It is important that our Elders are not just medicated, stiffened, rigid, and prematurely aged this is precisely why your habits are key, and your movement, your clarity, and your sensing are with pinpoint precision.

I am an Elder Shaman & Medicine Woman who has actively worked with clients, human and canine, who is deeply connected with nature and always has been since the 1960s. Both in California and in Minnesota beginning with food, nutrition, food as medicine, and expanding my medicine bag.

I know the importance of having good habits, and, how crucial “word sound” is for us all. One of my top-selling courses is titled, “Crucial Keys to Unlocking Disease.” It works! It also comes with a printed certificate in color acknowledging your completion of the course, 5.5 hours in total of amazing insights into Mind-Body Medicine as I have learned and utilized with clients for decades now, since 1984.

From the time I was a young girl, I had many experiences learning ancient ways of Omens, Auras, Animal Communication, Ancestor Communication, and more! That began for me around 1965 in San Jose, California.

My maternal Grandmother lost her firstborn son: my mother lost her firstborn son and now, I have also lost my firstborn son, my only child.

My son was prescribed opiates for over 3 months and I protested strongly, I am against the drugging of our people with substances engineered to hijack the mesolimbic center of the brain.

It hurts but I have one but choice: poison myself with substances, become recklessly impulsive: drugs, alcohol, partners, gambling, etc? Become consumed with guilt, shame, fear, pain, and traumatic grief, or, grow from the medicine, understand the loops, patterns, the system overall. I choose the latter.

I was raised to understand the cycle of life including reincarnation and I have had contact with my son, Zahwa throughout his journey. He is precious to me and I am forever, his Momma.

I have come through a lot of powerful beautiful experiences, ecstatic joy and dance, African dance, plant spirit medicine, and travel out of the country many times solo. I have had a great many powerful experiences, I would not be a powerful Medicine Woman had I not put in the decades and walked through many fires.

That which does not break us makes us stronger!
We don’t always want these experiences but we do learn from them; they hurt.

Not just a hobby, while in a licensed and insured professional business space from 2003 through 2020 I have seen hundreds of clients who received insights from me, including Medical Intuitive, Ancestor, and even a local reporter for The Duluth News Tribune who “traveled” on my table during our session. I worked on Mind-Body Medicine with my clients with great success! I provided a deeply soothing therapeutic Esalen-style massage for nearly 18 years thousands of hours. It teaches you about the clay of the body, it opens you to the immensely private, confidential, and personal work I have done with a great many people.

Before this, I was a multi-generational California native who lived in Santa Cruz, CA. Many a training I took: herb walks, Ayurveda, communication training: NVC, Cross-Cultural with Lillian Roybal-Rose, Elders I sat at the feet of respected, and listened with, speakers I saw in person, drumming workshops, weekly African dance class 3x per week, farmer’s markets, beaches, it was a different life. We find ourselves being moved: often, priced out.

The Shaman sees through the “Maya” The Illusion, the “credit score,” the various industries, and advocates for nature in hopes we can reconnect once again.

All of my life, I have given insights, precognitive, remote, prophecy, intuitive medically, and more. Then coming to Cloquet, Minnesota, a whole next level reality: A more conservative part of the country for sure, I had clients on my table and gave insights, names, descriptions, to everyday people as well as those who advertise as spiritual mediums who asked me, “how did you do that?” I had to learn how to communicate what I saw, heard, felt, sensed in a way that was not frightening, nor put my own definition or interpretation on what I was giving it was a large learning curve!

Eventually, with one client who had come the first time to me for an hour massage on the table, I “saw” (in the arena of my Mind), trays of decorated sugar cookies. I said, “what is going on with the decorated Christmas cookies?” She replied matter of fact, “I am going to tell our Pastor this is my last year doing this for the church!”

A client came for a second visit and told her her daughter was bringing home a black dog. She said, “no way.” It was so strong, I just gave what I had seen/heard. She texted me the next day it had in fact happened.

A local Pastor’s wife, her mother, and brother “came in” to our sessions, mine and hers for massage two different times, and the message was what she told me, “verbatim” she burst out crying asking me, “how did you do that?”

I reached out and traded with a local young woman who advertised as a “Spiritual Medium.” I gave her a table session and then “tuned” into her Field. I gave her the name of a man, told her about her current partner, and much more. She sat up, and said, “how on earth do you get names and all of that it’s precise and accurate!”

I said, “I have since I was a baby.”

Also, I wasn’t charging a penny for all these insights I gave out. Only in the last few years I reached out and asked for a review or testimonial, but people are uncomfortable in this part of the US disclosing they had readings, intuitive insights, it’s almost like a stigma?

Shamans legit hear. I was told I would hear and to expect to hear in 1965. I have had a long time to “develop” what I have learned. You can learn it too!

Some of my clients want guidance right now, some want to create a “better baby” health-wise, intelligence, they want to prevent problems versus deal with them later to the extent possible. Some want a better chance at regenerating their health and they no longer support just drugging, cutting out “bad” body parts, radiating, or chemically blasting the body. It wouldn’t be my choice.

I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian carcinoma by Dr. Skott Nielsen in 2008 when I came in by ambulance, I don’t “doctor,” I don’t own a TV for 37 years, I have never owned a microwave and I don’t pimp out brands for others I don’t truly believe in. I don’t “sell out.”

I proved I had no cancer in 2010 with doctors besides themselves that I had “waited too long.” Essentia Hospital, Duluth, MN.

It seems that when you traverse outside of the dominant medical industry, far beyond “pathology” or the All/o/pathy you are “anecdotal?” Only their system is “evidence-based?” There is room for both forms of medicine today respecting each of us equally. Not, just relegating some of us with extensive knowledge into “alternative” medicine.

My nearly 18 years in the legal arena in The Bay Area as a Sr. Family Law Specialist Paralegal was my job however, I learned a great deal of not only professionalism, but it brought organization, resolving conflict, meditation, and interfacing with all sorts of people, largely very affluent people in Silicon Valley at that time.

Your own road is revealing, your her story (history), advocating, justice, healing, repair, are central themes in my life, after “Mother.” Great Mother is necessary, now, more than ever!

I healed myself and yes it produced some fear, but I lay out a plan as I have for many clients and I adjust where necessary. This is why having regular consults if you are in a situation that is compromising your brainpower, your immunity, your health overall it will take time.

Slow metabolizers about 15-36 months

Fast metabolizers about 9-15 months

On average, these are the approximate time frames for regeneration if you are motivated and willing to make the change. This is why you want to get going on your HTMA Profile #2. Also, because Zinc is your “Anti-Viral!”

I help to heal by listening to your word, noting your Mind-Body Medicine components, observing overall through the screen, or sensing remotely and yes it’s possible!

Whether health goals, or you choosing to develop your sensory abilities, walking the road of The Shaman, a mother who had children and knows she better find what she needs to know so they are not hijacked by the system whether opiates or something else is a wise Mother.

A Shaman who has developed over a lifetime or many is a rare individual in today’s world, but that will change. It is only rare today as we do not have what we had historically in terms of value for our Shamans, our guides, our medicine people that come from every culture, every part of the world where the human-animal is present. I love a part of Terrence McKenna’s book: Food of The Gods where he talks about the cow dung and the people and the mushrooms and how they likely changed us.

I have experience with MDMA and Psilocybin in the early 1990s. I was at Sasha Shulgin’s home on Monday nights for the monthly meetings and attended the last Rave that Terrence McKenna narrated in San Francisco in 1993. With PTSD, trauma which is now affecting about 90% of us, depression, chronic pain, these medicines are sacred allies, and they have in part, opened me on this Journey of mine/mind.

I’m here for you.