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Shaman Way of Life

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Plant Spirit Medicine

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Partnership Ways (Leaving Behind Domination/Plantation “Mastery”)

Communication & Word Sound

I have recently updated my knowledge of Ibogaine, Ketamine, and other Plant Spirit Medicine, having recently attended many conferences. While illegal for me to administer, I can present insights and suggestions.

Major institutions like Johns Hopkins are now putting millions of dollars into investing in these for our future. When it comes to addiction, opiate addictions, PTSD/PTSD-C, Depression/MDD, chronic pain, we need medicine that heals the people.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Sometimes the missing component of modern medicine is the balance gained through introspection: coming inside and having an experience with yourself. Connecting with God!

It was Bob Marley who said, “The Herb Reveals You To Yourself.” You can glean your misconduct, your insights, your path, create passages, elevate your sensory abilities, intuitive, perceptive, even your ability to listen.

But, you can also use plant spirit medicine, the many offerings available through nature to heal addiction through a plant called “Iboga.” It is more commonly talked about as ‘Ibogaine.’ It is going to be a great day when the plants are again, available to us for our process work, our rites of passage, our ritual, our connection.

Many have seen Paul Stamets’ movie “Fungi” You know mycelium is a connector—a powerful one! Technology imitates nature

The earth knows!

I have helped many clients transition off powerful “medications” and onto “RSO” Rick Simpson’s Oil, to heal their brain, to reinstate neuronal connections and synapses, for cerebral inflammation repair, to help with appetite and self-discovery, self-knowledge.

I have had my own personal experience with psilocybin, MDMA, and cannabis. Having completed some amazing recent training in plant spirit medicine, I would consider a ‘legal’ and, supervised flood dose of Ibogaine to help my brain with PTSD and traumatic grief.

I do recall how well they worked for me. I was very fortunate to have been invited to the home of Sasha Shulgin for Monday night meetings. This was 1992—1993. My last use of psilocybin was at a Terrence McKenna “Rave” 1993 in San Francisco, CA where he narrated us through a portal of his very own! I have forever changed appreciably thanks to Terrence.

I was a solo maverick Momma and it wasn’t the time for experiences raising a child on my own. I bring the experience of what I have learned, both in experiences, cathartic, moving as well as training in 2020 and 2021 again to refresh my awareness of what new trends are taking place. Additionally, Johns Hopkins is pouring millions into plant spirit medicine as they know the time is coming.

At this time, to receive many of these medicines legally we do have to go outside of the US.

I am not a doctor, I am a Shaman & Medicine Woman.


She Had a “Calcium Shell”

I have tested hundreds of people now for many years and the first nutritional element on the first page of your patient report is calcium.

We are all familiar with it having been told all of our lives as children to drink our milk and to have strong bones.

Yet, heart palpitations, sleep problems, atrial fibrillation, fibromyalgia, are potentially related to calcium excess and, being deficient in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can even lead to osteoporosis! I have got great news for you, we can easily determine your biochemistry.

Everyone’s biochemistry is unique and using a hair sample as ‘tissue’ is so different from serum blood testing: it’s better!

It’s affordable, painless, and hair provides a 3-month window into giving us insights unlike blood, the “highway” of the body which is always normalizing. Eat a banana that morning your potassium may be alright but in fact, it could be lower than you know! Potassium helps to balance your thyroid!

When we have elevated calcium, it’s notably a higher number or markedly elevated on the graph that the lab provides it is typically an indication that this beautiful person is protecting themselves from a lot of stress.

I had this happen and through reading Dr. Rick Malter I was able to learn about “The Calcium Shell.” Dr. Malter explains how this “shell” can produce an internal “Judge.” This fuels OCD, and mental issues which can be softened and helped! Excess calcium can also cause calcifications in the body as we become the turtle: hardened and producing stones in various areas of the body which we do not want.

I am helping a few women clients right now who are experiencing elevated calcium. Most often, it will take 6 months to a year depending upon the individual to balance calcium and create a better experience in life.

It’s my joy to do this work! I am not a doctor, I am a Shaman & Medicine Woman using many forms of medicine to heal body, mind, and spirit.

Parkinson’s Disease is No Mystery,

In fact, Brian was experiencing what I had come to term as “shorts” in his nervous system. This is a very short share about a small portion of our journey together.

Brian’s family had contacted me with hopes that we could do something even at the last ‘hours’ so to speak. Brian had been diagnosed about age 71, 2 years ago, and was taking medications: Sinemet, (dopamine precursor), two anti-depressants, and Klonopin, a powerful benzodiazepine that is also addictive.

Brian felt he was going downhill and his days were sad, slowed, and dull, he lacked energy. The family has been told it was typically a four-year pattern for most people at Brian’s age from start to finish of this disease. Brian had built a powerful and thriving business, he had VIP Medical like many of my clients and a concierge doctor that made some things easier for us to manage with Brian’s regenerative efforts.

I had discussed that the goals were to enhance his life and at the best possible outcome, no promises to reverse the PD. Step by step, first we would get the HTMA going, I would need just a small hair sample and we would quickly get it to the lab. Next, I would begin the gathering, asking Brian and his wife key questions about his habits, diet, and more. I asked Brian if he felt ok with the mediations: he did not.

Brian, his wife, and I put our energies into making a great plan for Brian, and we met daily per their request on video up close and personal to review any problems. When Brian and his wife’s patient reports arrived from the lab, I was able to clearly show Brian some of my own concerns. While the test did not pronounce a diagnosis code I was able to clearly show Brian what we needed to do.

I have helped many people with forms of neurological illness and disease. I always incorporate my gathering, the HTMA, Mind-Body Medicine, there has always been some detoxification some, more than others. I have 37 years invested now in my life’s work. There is an “order of operations” to what I have come to provide over decades.

I enjoy what I do very much, my goal is to have a Center where people can come and experience a “controlled environment,” so that they may heal, regenerate and open more of these Centers. I am not a doctor, I am something very different: ancestral medicine, a Shaman & Medicine Woman.