Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 3 – Retest


Many of my clients have been through serum blood testing, worked with their PCP (Primary Care Physician), Specialists like Endocrinologists, perhaps Naturopaths, Integrative, Functional doctors and even Health Coaches, they are frustrated and they deserve to find out the real root causes that are causing pain and frustration physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In combination with a consult this is stellar work to get your to your goals!

You can order your RETEST, Profile #3 if you have previously tested with me or with the same lab and contact me about a consult.

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 3 – Retest

This is a retest tool, providing the Multi-Element Assay of your hair or other sample which looks at 36 elements, it specifically compares your former data to your current numbers.

It does not provide health trends.


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